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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Puppy Nanny in Training

Tuloon with Topa and Zala with White Feather


Zala, still almost a puppy herself, gets silly with the pups.

A bonding moment with Topa

Zulu has just about had it with the puppies getting under foot but continues to be patient.

Since Sweet Pea resigned on the spot recently, Zala has been learning the ropes from Tuloon on how to be a puppy nanny. Very soon, the puppies will need to be separated so that I can work with them individually and they can bond to me more than they are now bonded to each other. When I do this, I want to make certain they each have a reliable adult to teach them and look after them. The pups will then be rotated between Zala and Tuloon until they are fully bonded with me. I do have a bond with each pup, however it goes as far as their interest level at the moment. If the other pup is doing something more interesting, then off they go. Once this new depth of bonding has ocurred, then they can be back together and likely will be big enough to live in a small pack with a couple of other older, mellow dogs.

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