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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Puppy Lessons

We started the puppies out on leash until they got all of the grasshopper chasing out of the way and could focus better. Look at those legs!

Once they began to pull hard on the leash, we took turns with them in harness; a harness far too large for them but it accomplished the goal of getting them used to wearing something and pulling. These pulling sessions only lasted 5 minutes at the most. Otherwise, they just walked on leash.

It was nice to see a good harness lean on Topa. She's 12 weeks old now. She reminds me a bit of Journey at her age but much more confident with strange encounters.

How exciting when a couple of horse and riders were spotted coming down the trail! What a great training moment!

After a quick step back to assess the situation, Topa wanted to get closer to investigate while White Feather remained cautious and wasn't interested in getting too close. We made this encounter a fun and relaxed one as we spoke casually to the riders as though this was just an every day occurrence.

We couldn't help but take advantage of the sunflower field background for a couple quick shots with the pups. They are almost too big to carry at 12 weeks old!

Neil was more sensible and didn't attempt to pick them up for this shot.

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