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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weather Extremes

Jon and his Malamute Team

Don and his Siberian Husky Team

We've had some interesting weather this week at the 46 mile point of the Gunflint Trail. I think today was a record for the winter; 45 degrees F. It has been rather balmy the past few days actually. We've had some bright sunny days and today it was overcast. The extreme change in the weather begins tomorrow afternoon when the expected 12 -18 inches of snow begins to fall and it dips down to 5 degrees for a high on Wednesday with -19 expected that night. It's still winter!

While out with guests on the trail during these warm temps we explain why it's important to go much slower than usual and stop often to let the dogs rest even though it appears as though they aren't interested in a rest. It's just too hot for them and they'll overheat quickly. Thankfully, the Highland Trail is mainly deep in the woods where shade is abundant.

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