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Friday, March 6, 2009

Warm Temps on the Highland Trail

Jon Williams and a guest with his team of eight Malamutes

Don Deckert and a guest with his team of eight Siberian Huskies

Malamute portion of the dog yard

Jon shows our guests from New Jersey how to harness the dogs

The dogs are the best ambassadors!

Jon's dogs lay down obediently when he needs to cut toenails or bootie the longer coated dogs

Jon brings his dogs to the line

This morning temps were already up to nearly 40 degrees F. Not the optimal temperature for working dogs. Our guest mushers, Jon Williams with his team of Malamutes and Don Deckert with his team of Siberian Huskies, took our guests out on the Highland Trail this morning. Due to the high temps, our mushers kept the dogs slower than usual and took many breaks along the way. The dogs didn't seem to think this was necessary, however and would scream to go during each break.

With tongues hanging and tails wagging, the teams made it back to the dog yard with happy guests in their sleds.

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