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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Adventure than Planned!

2007 Tuloon/Bazil puppy, Zodiak has an almost flawless build.

Ilu looks a little plump in this photo, however is fit as a fiddle. You can see from the snow pile up on his coat just how thick and insulating it is.

McKenzie and his pensive stare

Icoa was not fond of having her photo taken today.

Journey is caught off guard by the camera.

Zala poses.

Phoenix and Ilu sit atop their houses

Tuloon is also fond of standing on her house.

Klaus, Oken and Ilu wait patiently for their dinner.

Our guests got more adventure than expected today on the trail. A family of four had planned to do a Gunflint Lake Experience tomorrow. With the forecast of a winter storm, we decided that a change of plans was in order and we took them out on the Highland Trail this morning before the storm arrived. After climbing to one of the highest elevations in the area, we then dropped down into a swamp and up again to highlands. About 1/4 mile off the swamp the dogs ears all perked up and their speed increased dramatically. Down the trail and around the corner was a relatively fresh wolf kill that was strewn along the trail in about a 100 foot section. There were fresh tracks leading from this site into the woods. We imagine that the wolves had left the site when hearing the teams coming along on the trail. The dogs all did a spectacular "on-by", not stopping to inspect or to snatch a piece for themselves. Good Dogs!

To top off the adventures during this run, we, or I should say the dogs, spotted a grouse in the woods and picked up speed down the trail with heads turned trying to catch a glimpse as we sped by. You would think all of this was enough for one run but the deer standing in the middle of the trail around a corner got the dogs going yet a third time.

Our family enjoyed their adventure and felt lucky they got to witness all of the wildlife and signs of wildlife on the trail.

Within an hour of their adventure the winds picked up and then within two hours, the snow began to fall heavily. The snow began quickly collecting on the dogs as they waited for their evening meal. As I type, I can barely see the dog yard through my snow covered window. From what I can see, there appear to be no dogs outside as they are all tucked snugly away in their straw filled dog houses, waiting out the storm.

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