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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Vet Trip

Tukisi's smiling face

Copper and Blue with the spay patients in the crates

Liz's dog, Utah, shortly after his snow hook injury

This vet trip was planned. It happened a few days after the Run Your Own Iditarod Adventure.

Tukisi had a swollen muzzle over a month ago. After speaking with the vet over the phone it sounded as if it could be a mouth injury caused by a bone or it could be a tooth issue. Antibiotics would be the first course of action to see if this would take care of the problem. We were told that if the swelling came back, then it was a tooth that needed attention. Well, the swelling came back.

Being several hours away from a vet makes planning important. Liz was interested in having two of her girls spayed and also needed to make a trip to visit a friend to bring back some borrowed gear. She would be traveling through Ely, MN and right past the vet. She offered to take Tukisi along and drop him, along with her girls, off for their vet visits then return for them the next day on her way back to the lodge.

All went well. Liz's dogs, Dane and Achoo were spayed and Tukisi underwent a surgery for an abscess and had the tooth removed. Tukisi is now off his round of antibiotics and is feeling well enough to begin chewing on bones again. Liz's girls have spent the last week and a half in the musher apartment as they recover from their spays.

With the little dogs, Copper and Blue, my retired boy Zulu, Dane, Achoo and Utah, who was recuperating from an injury, it has been a little cramped in the apartment but the more the merrier! Aaahh, the life of a dog musher!

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