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Monday, March 16, 2009

Record Donations!

Plane dropping pink streamers on the mushers

Erik bringing his runaway back before the run began

Liz and team

Karen and team

Don and team

Saturday the 14th of March was the Mush for a Cure 2009. There were 32 teams in attendance, up almost 20 teams from last year! The donations were also up from around $14,000 in 2008 to over $23,000! Points Unknown mushers, Liz Parrish, Karen DeBoise and Don Deckert raised close to $2,000 for this cause and despite the 52 degree temps, had great fun during the run, resting their dogs in the shade when necessary.

Jon and I were giving tours during the event but were able to break away during the lunch hour to catch the beginning of the fun run. All of the teams were parked out on the Gunflint Lake in front of the Gunflint Pines Resort and Campground. A small plane flew above, dropping pink streamers on the ice while the teams prepared to take off. Right before the gun shot, a single dog ran down the trail. Several of us tried to catch him but were unsuccessful. The owner hopped on a snowmobile and finally rounded him up so that his entire team would be ready for the start. The teams had to begin in a sleeping bag with their boots off. Once they heard the gun shot, they had to get out of the sleeping bag, put on their boots and hook up their dogs then they were off.

After 22 miles, the teams arrived at Trail Center, a mid trail restaurant and event center. There were prizes awarded to the mushers for the most money raised, the most outrageous pink costume and various others. It was a very successful event and was a lot of fun for mushers, dogs and spectators alike.

We are very proud of all of our mushers for their participation in this event. Liz was in the top five for most money raised. Karen not only won the red lantern award(award for coming in last) but she also won an award for the most outrageous costume. Don's costume was pretty creative as well. He also stopped along the trail to help remove another musher from a snow bank.

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