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Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Time on Oake Lake

Wild Baby Iris'

Wild Strawberries

I was awakened this morning by the awkward honk of the graceful Trumpeter Swan. Two of them had come into our bay this morning to fish for their breakfast. They joined the quintet of Pelicans that arrived last evening.

Near the house are at least a half dozen Robin's nests with nervous mothers patrolling each perimeter. Sitting on the back deck has become a hazard as the Barn Swallows have taken to building another nest atop my sun room window out of mud and grass. If accidentally venturing into their flying pattern, their attempts at diving bombing their subject prove successful and I am forced to evacuate the north side of the deck.

The baby Iris' are beginning to bloom. Tulips have popped up and some still remain after attempts from the sled dogs at decapitating most. The wild Strawberries are in bloom with some tiny green berries already being displayed.

It's a bright sunny day on Oake Lake today. The sled dogs have recuperated nicely from their winter of adventures and are content to play and lounge their days away in the warm spring sun. The musher is slowly beginning to get into the new dog routine of obedience classes, canicross hikes, sled dog visitors and dog yard play time with the pack.

Ahh.....Spring time on Oake Lake.

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