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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Litter mate Update

Q's ears are not quite up yet

Q is a solidly built boy with a dense coat. He weights around 65lbs.

Q follows Zala around

Cookqiz(formerly Zorra) is a long legged girl with a dense coat

Cookqiz weighs between 55 and 60lbs.

The Tuloon/Bazil pups are now 7 months old. All six have proved over the winter to have great potential for being hard working sled dogs and leaders.

Wahya lives in Colorado in Alpine Kennel and is having no problem fitting into her pack and team. No photo updates are available at this time.

Q lives locally and came for a visit last evening to play with his litter mates. After my boys made sure he was alright and Q submitted, they played as if they were old friends. I've been told that he ran with his team a little this winter to get his feet wet and did a great job. His build is a little different than the other pups right now. He is lower to the ground with thick legs and a big head. Our Oken was built this way until recently when he got a growing spurt and grew legs.

Cookqiz lives in New Hamshire in Uktousa Kennel and is still the queen. She's a strong and relentless puller when tested in the team late this winter and tends to look around the dogs in front of her as if to say "hey, put me up in front!".

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