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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canicross Hikes 2008; Lake Maria State Park

From the woods to the prairie

The dog power comes in handy when traveling up hills!

Some of us had it easier than others.....but what a work out!

A small bog in the forest

The trail takes to the road for a bit

We saw no rare turtles today. What an interesting sign!

A beaver mound in the background

Trail through the big woods

Break time!

Temps were in the upper 60s today with a nice cool breeze to keep the newly hatched mosquitoes away, making it perfect for a hike.

Lake Maria is a beautiful State Park known for its spring wildflowers and big woods. The hike today was about 3 miles in length and it took us through the big woods, onto the prairie and down to the wetlands. We ended our hike at Lake Maria where all of the dogs took a dip to cool down, as most haven't shed their winter coat.

We had all northern breed dogs in attendance today. We don't discriminate! Please plan to join us with your Labs, Retrievers, Herding Dogs, Standard Poodles, etc. Any breed of dog can learn to pull!

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