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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lone Pelican

Lone Pelican

The flock of Pelicans that chose Oake Lake as a lay over stop has made the bigger portion of the lake their congregation area. This morning, this lone Pelican found himself in our small bay.

A few years ago, I watched as a small group of pelicans formed a perfect circle and swam around the shore of our tiny bay. Every few feet, in synchronicity and while maintaining this perfect circle, they would duck into the water with only their tails sticking up. Tails would wiggle and wiggle then up would pop all of the Pelican heads, turned in the same direction of travel and off they would go until they plunged under the surface again.

I am not the only one fascinated with all of the activity on the lake. I've watched the sled dogs spend hours intently scanning the lake for action while lounging on the top of their dogs houses in the warm sun.

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