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Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're Home!

Sunrises over Oake Lake

We arrived home from our season at Gunflint Lodge last Tuesday. We've had a very fulfilling winter. The dogs are in the very best of shape and seemed to enjoy all of our adventures. At the same time, they appeared to be happy to be home, running free in their kennels with their friends and sunning themselves on top of their dog houses.

The lake in front of the house is still frozen but yet the Canadian Geese have returned. Its been fun to watch them land on the ice as if it were water. Some appear startled at this phenomenon and must be those born last season, coming back home for the first time. I spotted the first Blue Heron the other day and the Red Winged Black Birds are back in full force, waking me with their morning tunes. Just stepping outside to see what the ruckus in the dog yard was about, I saw a flock of Pelicans flying over the lake. They typically come later in the season but are back this evening!

I so enjoyed the wilderness of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota with all of its wild and beautiful land. Sunsets were spectacular. I've missed the sunrises over Oake Lake here in Central Minnesota and have been up early to enjoy several over the past few days since our arrival home.

The snow that was received the day before we arrived is almost melted, giving way to......MUD. Mud season is a season I could do without. The dog yard is a mess, in turn the dogs are a mess and when I enter the dog yard then I am a mess. Thankfully it only lasts for a few weeks.

Happy to be home yet now missing my winter home I grew to love over the past season. Will return the first weekend in May to do some dog yard clean up and attend the Gunflint Green Up. The Gunflint Trail is expecting over 500 people this weekend. Each will be planting 150 seedlings to help rejuvenate the forest after the Ham Lake fire last summer that destroyed over 75,000 acres of land in the US and Canada.

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