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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Final Run and Time to Pack

Trees placed in the lake to hook the dog pickets among the rotting snow

The High Cliffs above the dog play yard

The hill going down to the dog yard

Loading up the truck

Our last guests of the 2007-2008 mushing season at Gunflint Lodge were taken on wooded trail runs this morning. They had booked their adventure in October and were crossing their fingers that the snow would hold out for their dog sled trip today. Temps are in the low 40s and the snow is poor quality, however there is still snow. One good rain would do away with the remaining snow at this point.

The time has come to pack up and head home until next winter. I find myself growing sentimental today. It was a wonderful season. The beauty of the area is breathtaking. Just add running the sled dogs to being in this peaceful wilderness setting and there is nothing that compares. I watched as the dogs grew stronger throughout the season, to the point where I could only walk one at a time to the play area on their days off for fear of being dragged. I met many wonderful people that share my passion for the wilderness as well as those who also love dogs. I was able to share my dogs and wilderness adventures with all of our guests. All of this just adds to what I consider the "good life."


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