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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Days of Leisure

Oken at almost 7 months old

Sweet Pea in perfect form

Zala at almost 7 months

McKenzie has been with us for over 2 weeks and is fitting in nicely




Icoa and son, Ilu


Journey at almost 11 months

Melanie with the Huskies



In action

Tuloon and Zulu

Fun times!

Zodiak at almost 7 months


Ball game

The dogs have been enjoying their days of leisure now that sledding season is over. Yes, it is still cool enough that we could run on our 4-wheeled cart, however the dogs really worked hard this winter and we all need a break.

Instead of looking forward to a day of running on the trail, the dogs get to anticipate that time of day when they all get to run free and play together. As you will notice in the photos, the blue "Jolly Ball" is the favorite toy.

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