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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Clean Up in the Kennel

View of the old railroad bridge from the dog yard that is now a recreational trail.

East end of the dog yard

McKenzie and Oken are kennels buddies this week

The grass is just beginning to turn green to brighten up the dog yard

Tuloon and Zulu look on as others play

The west end of the dog yard

Klaus, Journey, Zala and Sweet Pea's kennel abut McKenzie and Oken's kennel

Today began the yearly ritual of spring cleaning in the dog yard. Even though we were gone over the winter, there was still straw left in houses from the fall and early winter. Leaves had fallen late from the big oak tree that shades the dog yard and accumulated in some kennels.

This time of year isn't very appealing to the eye in the kennel. Everything is brown and dirty. There are buds, however beginning to sprout on the trees and the grass is beginning to turn green. I can see the beginnings of some tiny perennials poking their heads out of the cold ground.

After the straw was taken out of the houses they were all hosed down to remove any remaining dirt. Then the kennels were raked free of straw and leaves.

Once the temps begin to rise, the shade cloth will need to be put in place, however, right now with temps in the 50s-60s, having more shade for the dogs in not a big concern and the breeze that sweeps over the lake keeps them nice and cool.

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