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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuloon's First Run of the Season

Finally out on the trail for Tuloon

Are we ready to go yet??? I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!!

Our running had been put on hold over the past couple of weeks due to deer hunting season in the area. Today was the perfect time to plug Tuloon in the team with the other dogs needing to go back in mileage due to their little break.

The pups have been eating solid food since they were three weeks old, however Tuloon has been supplementing their diets on a regular basis with milk and has been regurgitating her own food for the pups. Since she has been so terribly thin since the puppies were born and began to nurse, it was time to give her long breaks from the puppies and especially right after meals so she can retain those nutrients for herself. She finally has a thin layer of fat on her ribs, however she is now losing her winter coat. This winter she will likely be sleeping inside so she can retain as much fat as possible until her winter coat grows back.

Having this thin layer of fat and the will, she was ready to run. She could hardly contain herself when I put her collar on her this morning. "I get to run today! Finally!" was what she must have been thinking. I popped her right up in lead with Zulu, on the "Adagio" team(indicated by name, this is the slower team due to the greater number of older dogs in this bunch). She was lunging in her harness with a huge smile on her face. We only did 4 miles to start and she didn't seem the least bit tired. We'll be able to move up in miles by next week if she continues to show me she's ready.

Oh, you should have heard the howls and cries of the puppies that were left behind today. Their time will come.

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