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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Gunflint Dog Yard

50x50 play area location for the dogs.

A dog yard in progress...

Up the trail from the dog yard. Musher accommodations in the distance.

One item to work on prior to our arrival at the lodge for the winter is the dog yard. The Points Unknown dogs live in kennels and feel quite comfortable while out on trail being staked out on a lake or a sheltered wooded site, however they have never been tethered as a way of life as many northern sled dogs. This will require some adapting on the part of the dogs with patience on the part of the mushers. Our hope is that the dogs will have so much activity that they will spend very little time thinking about their new winter accommodations and simply rest while tethered.

The lodge is thoughtfully providing an approximate 50x50 area that will be fenced with 6' chain link to be used as a place for the dogs to play and reconnect with each other during their days off. This is intended to be an enriching experience for them and a change in the weekly routine to keep their minds fresh and rejuvenated.

The puppies will be getting their own kennel to share with mom, Tuloon. And Zulu will live in his own pen next to the puppies. After 11 years and being a spectacular leader, Zulu only gets the best in his older years. Tuloon is beginning to shed her winter coat which is typical after having pups. This is unfortunate timing, however Miss Tuloon may not think so as she will be spending her nights in my warm and cozy room along with the house dogs..... and probably Zulu.

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