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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Puppies - 8 weeks old!

Puppy pile!

L to R - "Q", Wahya and Zorra

Oh, the puppies! 8 weeks old and soon, three will be going to their new homes. "Q" leaves this evening. He won't be going far so it will be nice to be able to watch him grow. Wahya's new family comes to pick her up this weekend, traveling all the way from Colorado. Zorra will have a plane ticket to New Hampshire at the end of next week.

The pups haven't been free-fed for a few weeks and the weights are evening out just a bit in the males. Zorra still is so much heavier than the other girls and even one of the boys.

This past week I've noticed the puppies are becoming a lot more "scrappy" with each other. I think they are getting tired of sharing the puppy pen. Its still a mad mob when attempting to enter the pen. In the morning, when the puppy poop is thick, its a mad dash to the corner with the puppy bowls filled with food, grab the pooper scooper and pick up quickly before the little gangsters finish eating and jump in the poop then all over me. Whew!

Tuloon is spending some time in with them during the day for socialization but not right after eating because she is still regurgitating her food for them. She will do this up to 5 hours after she has eaten. She has a nice layer of fat on her ribs and it's nice to see it remaining there after she began her fall training runs with the other dogs last week.

The first round of puppy shots was given yesterday, just a day before they turned 8 weeks. The shots really shouldn't be given any earlier because until around 8 weeks old, they have their immunity that mom gave them. It would be as if you were "over vaccinating" to give the shots any sooner which can have some terrible consequences.

I've managed to train the pups to stay away from my shoelaces. A quick two fingered scruff shake and a low "aahh" has done the trick. However, when visitors came today, I noticed that it doesn't transfer to others. My poor visitors had three pups each attached to their shoelaces while attempting to leave. They're so darn cute, no one seems to mind but imagine that from three 75lbs adults!

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