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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Journey's First 4 Mile Run

Eye on the trail and a tight tug line...

So happy to be a part of the team!

Journey is now close to 6 months old and after coming along and hanging out in the truck on run after run, I decided it was time to let her do a full run with team. We did four, very slow miles. This was the 2nd time she was hooked up with the team but rather than stopping every 500 feet, we kept going.

She had excellent focus with a tight tug line and her eye down the trail the entire time. She was placed in point position next to Klaus who would quickly keep her line if she didn't stay focused. The "training moments" with Journey were right at hook-up and when resting within the first 2 miles. She continued to do a "wind up" before she would lunge into her harness to pull. During this "wind up" she would pull her neck line back and throw the lead dogs off balance with her force.

All in all it was a very good run for little Miss Journey. This winter she should be able to enjoy weekly short runs with the team while at Gunflint Lodge. The Snowshoe/Dog Sledding combo adventure should suit her nicely as it is only a full mile of running. In addition, because it is so short, she won't be in danger of having too much activity that could injure her. She is still so very young.

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