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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ice Out

Klaus in lead with sister, Sweet Pea and father, Zulu.
Setting the trail on Oak Lake Winter 2007.

Spring on Oak Lake

Fall on Oak Lake

Early winter on Oak Lake

Winter on Oak Lake.

It took quite some time this year, for the lake to be safe enough for me to head out on it with a dog team. I went out with a three dog team the minute we had three inches of snow on a 6"+ depth of ice. Any more of my powerful freight dogs and I wouldn't have been able to hook down. I couldn't stop as it was, thankfully the dogs are relatively well behaved. It was the perfect scenario to put Klaus to the test and see how my open country leader training had been absorbed. I was quite proud when he set the entire five mile trail on the lake with minimal commands.

Now here it is March, 28th. The ice went out over night on the lake. Winter is over. The Canadian Geese have been back for over a week waiting for this day. Soon they will nest and we will once again, have upwards of sixty geese and goslings taking over our shore. A myriad of other waterfowl begin their migration through and provide us with much entertainment. We have flocks of pelicans, kites, terns, a cormorant or two, trumpeter swans and then the illusive loon, to name a few.

The dogs get plenty of entertainment from the geese, as well. The geese get within ten feet of the dog kennels as the dogs watch intensely, ready to pounce. The birds seem to know they are safe. Thankfully, we have no fence climbing dogs in the bunch.

All year 'round, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy glorious sun rises. My heart sinks to think of the development coming our way, scarring our precious view.

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