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Friday, March 23, 2007


With Zulu in lead, we head down the middle of Basswood Lake enroute to U.S. Point
in the BWCA.

To Points Unknown....? This isn't necessarily a place that might appear on a map. Its all about letting yourself go somewhere new for learning and self -discovery. This could include taking an adventure trip with a dog team on a frozen lake, in the great wilderness, using a map and compass to guide you. It could also mean opening up your mind to a new way of doing something or changing something in your life to make yourself a better person. This too, takes you into Points Unknown where navigation is done by your own internal map and compass.

I am on a quest for a more simple life, guided by my passion for the wilderness and my dogs. Currently, life remains complicated. The Real Estate Appraisal business I have had for nearly 16 years is a bit smaller due to the collapsing real estate market. This is a welcome change for my soul but not for my pocketbook. I truly enjoy my appraisal work and pride myself on doing quality work in an ethical fashion. I am happy to say that my clients are people I can call friends. This makes the "corporate" aspect of it so much more bearable.

I have been hand-crafting 100% pure beeswax candles since May of 2006. I am selling them to the food coops and gift shops geared towards natural and local goods. This is a step in the right direction for me. The natural aspect of this product appeals to my need to be involved with nature. Burning 100% beeswax candles is thought to create a clean and calm environment which is welcome after dealing with the unsavory side of the Real Estate field.

My dogs. My dogs have, for many years, been the highlight and focus in my life. Having a dog as a child, I never felt that connection to these furry beasts until much later in life. I never could have imagined that today I would have a kennel of eleven sled dogs with three house dog mascots. I got my first dog in 1994. Shadow was the most amazing Australian Shepherd. He taught me so many wonderful things that I have been able to tranfer into the rest of my life; loyalty, a deeper way to love, living in the moment, having balance in life and the list goes on. Shadow had to be put down a few years ago due to nasal cancer when his condition was no longer bearable. He will be missed.

I married into sled dogs in 2000. (Marriage, by the way, is one of those ventures into Points Unknown where you need to use your internal map and compass to navigate your way through and make your way to being a better person. Sometimes this means ending the marriage to do so.) Prior to my introduction to sled dogs, I had no affection for northern breed dogs. I found them to be stubborn, aloof and just plain hard to handle. So here I am, eleven sled dogs later and loving every minute of it!

Points Unknown; Dog-Based Adventures was created out of my love for dogs and the wilderness. This is my most important and exciting endeavor as it keeps me close to nature and more in touch with who I am. I am honored to have such loyal adventure companions and I am honored to be able to share them with others. This blog is for those who love dogs. Its for those of you who attended a Points Unknown Adventure or for those of you who would like to attend one in the future. Its for family and friends who want to catch up on a day in the life of the dogs. And its for anyone who loves photos of dogs and/or nature as this is another passion of mine. If you like a particular post or a certain photo, please let me know!

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