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Monday, April 9, 2007

Winter Came Back

Phoenix keeping a close eye on those playing below.

Amaruq stalks.

Isis emerging from the jungle of shrubs.

Zulu with his all time favorite toy.

Tukisi smiles for the camera.

Only days after my last post speaking of winter's end, it came back. The loons had just returned to scope out a nesting spot. There were two pairs on the lake just days before the cold snap began and then they seemed to disappear with our first signs of spring. It had been cloudy with a combination of snow and rain for days with temps in the teens at night and, sometimes, the 20s during the day. The cold stayed and finally the moisture retreated, allowing the ground to dry.

Yesterday was the first sunny day in awhile. Since it had been dry for a few days, the mud was gone from the larger fenced dog enclosure attached to the house so the dog "playground" was now three times its original size. They enjoyed being able to stretch their legs even more as we haven't been able to get out and run with the cart for a couple of weeks due to this musher's demanding spring schedule.

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