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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Highlights 2006-2007 Season; Truck Break Down

Bruce and Bill of Jim's Auto Care Center in Grand Rapids, MN

We left the BOW event, heading to the Points Unknown cabin where we had been looking forward to a few days of down time before our next PUWWA2007 adventure. In Hill City, MN the truck decided it couldn't continue. Thankfully, we had stopped in the parking lot of an Auto Care Center. Several hours (and dollars) later, we were told to drive it to Grand Rapids because the problem needed more attention. During the 18 mile drive to Grand Rapids, the truck just stopped. We were able to move to the side of the road and there we sat as we waited for our tow truck to arrive.

Here we were, two people with a truck filled with gear and seventeen dogs, stranded by the side of the road. Long story short, we then proceeded to spend our "few days of down time" living out of a hotel a block from the new Auto Care Center and the dog truck. The dogs took all of this well and didn't seem to be at all shaken by this detour as they came in and out of the truck over and over again, in the Auto Care parking lot. The people, were less excited, as you might imagine.

Many thanks to Jim's Auto Care in Grand Rapids, MN for being so professional and timely. Despite this unwelcome detour, we did feel as though we were in good hands and are very thankful. The phone call we received from Bill from the Auto Care Center, once we had left the shop and had been on the road for several hours, to make sure the truck was working properly, was just icing on the cake!

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