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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Highlights 2006-2007 Season; PUWWA2007 February

PUWWA2007 February Adventure

Shirley going over "the ice" with her five dog team.

In February, Points Unknown had our Women's Winter Adventure that included all dog mushing instruction and food prepared by our wonderful chef, Patrick Weber. There were four women who attending this adventure that came from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and what a time we had! There was just enough snow to make it all run smoothly. The temps were a little more challenging with a 20 degree below zero morning and temps never going above 8 degrees during the day. The dogs, of course, loved this weather.

A fun challenge for the women on this trip was the portion of the trail we called plainly, "the ice". A couple of miles into the trail there is a creek crossing before a hill that leads down to a boggy moose area. In the week prior, overflow from the creek had taken over this dip in the trail and there was now an approximate 40' area of overflow ice, with a downhill approach at both points of entry. This was a little mini Yukon Quest challenge for these beginning dog mushers but I am proud to say that all four made it safely and in the upright position, across the ice every time!

All participants were quick to learn the basics of mushing and most went from running a two dog team the first day, to running a five dog team with a passenger by the end of the adventure AND going over "the ice"! An "honorable mention" on this trip was Shirley Lindgren, a charming and zippy young lady of 71 years, who has been known to go on a few bear hunting trips in her time. She was ready to try anything new without hesitation.

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