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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ryden's Dental Surgery

Ryden with Sweet Pea (left) and the puppies
Ryden resting after his procedure

Ryden is one our beloved sled dogs, or in his case, a sled-dog-to-be, as he is yet too young to be in harness. He was born with an extreme overbite which caused his baby canines to pierce holes in his upper pallet. Those were removed at 9 weeks of age. We were hoping to be able to wait until he was a year old to do the next procedure, however, he is growing so fast, it was necessary to remove his protruding lower adult teeth. They were beginning to pierce holes just inside of his upper canines and on the roof of his mouth. Today was the day!

Instead of removing the lower canines, which would create an unstable lower jaw. The canines were cut off and various layers of material were placed on top of the tooth pulp and just under the filling. This "material" will help encourage the tooth to grow it's own cap. The procedure went well. He'll be resting for the evening in his crate and will be completely back to normal by morning! We'll just have to keep soaking his food for a few days which we do anyway at this time of year.

He's such a good boy! 

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