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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miss Squish Delivery to New Hampshire

Irish/Ilo puppy Kwanzaa, now called Miss Squish, with her new mom and our dear friend, Lidia

Richard with a few fuzzy family members

Rosie is Phoenix and Ari's littermate and Ilo's daughter

Hana is a Tuloon/McKenzie puppy and is sister to our White Feather and Topa

Dougie is an anomaly! Can you believe he is Tuloon's grandson? He is 3/4 Hedlund lineage and 1/4 our Zulu line. Cookqiz (Oken, Zala and Zodiak sister) is his mother and Tumac (Topa and White Feather's brother) is his father. He is also Zola's littermate.

Lidia has named Zola's sister and our White Feather's niece also White Feather. She appears Hedlund but is all Zulu line in personality.

Tumac is a Tuloon/McKenzie son and Topa and White Feather's littermate.

Cookqiz is Oken, Zodiak and Zala's littermate.

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