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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Oake Lake Experience of the Season

Look! That's Rayna up in front with Phoenix.

This was one of the "good" sections of the trail.

Happy guest, nonetheless.

It was a blustery day with conditions on the lake much more conducive to water skiing than dog mushing but our final guests couldn't stop smiling! Rain on Saturday, during our final Girl Scout event, made a right mess of our dog sledding trail and we were fully immersed in the slushy aftermath. Roughly a quarter mile of our six mile trail was the way a dog sledding trail should be; snow covered. However, I don't think that anyone, except for White Feather and Journey were too bothered.

Neither White Feather or Journey were impressed with the trail conditions so each one was placed back in the team during their runs while a new leader joined Phoenix to trudge through the slop. Zala was a trooper and led with reliable heart. Our second leader swap was rather interesting. I decided to give 18 month old Rayna, who has never run in slushy conditions and never run in front of a team larger than three, a chance to show me her stuff. And that she did! She kept her line tight and trudged through the slush like a pro, only to wander off the trail once when the puppy in her was awakened by a whirling leaf that blew in front of her.

Despite the trail conditions, I would say we had an excellent last run of the season. Now it's on to tax season and building up a nice beeswax candle inventory before our big move up north in June!

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