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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Puppy Harness Training!

To set the puppies up for success, we had Blueberry and Copper in front, leading the way.

Aha! Off trail. Maybe this means Kamotz will be a good open country leader like some of his relatives and he doesn't need a trail.

Wyakin and Kamotz

Hey! Who let that Mastiff/St. Bernard mix into the kennel? This is actually Wyakin, AKA Mr. Pudge.

The pulling instinct kicked in right from the start

It seems we have a squabble over who will be the leader

B'Zhoo and Akai

Akai pushes B'Zhoo to the right side of the trail. Maybe he's a natural "righty". That comes in handy when trying to teach them the "Gee Over" command. Gee Over means to move to the right side of the trail.

B'Zhoo tries to pull  Akai back after he got too far ahead. Training isn't without its little glitches.

Akai barks at the big dogs while B'Zhoo checks out the sled

Akai doing a good job of keeping his line tight!

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