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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Bubble of Calm

After the storms

We have had very tumultuous weather the past couple of days. Rain, shine, rain, hail, thunder, lighting, shine, tornado warnings, high winds and over and over again. This photo was taken at what appears to be the end of the last blast of this kind of weather for the day. Puzzling how the rainbow seems to form the barrier between the blue skies and the clouds, almost encasing the far end of Oake Lake and its shore in a bubble of calm. I've been searching for the pots of gold all afternoon. Someone must have beaten me to them.

Most of the sled dogs don't mind the bad weather and run around and play in the heavy rain. Tuloon is one of those that is frightened of thunder and lightning even though we made it a "fun" event when she was young, so she comes inside during most storms these days. Then there is Sweet Pea who suddenly began to limp the moment the downpours began. Hmmm. Once inside I saw her take a dive for a toy across the room and over a dog bed.

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