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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Wet but Fun Event

Aise goes completely limp when being held.

Neil's smiling face at our booth INSIDE.

A 12 week old Shepherd/Pit Bull cross burns some puppy energy by pulling a wheelbarrow tire around the building.

As you can see, Neil is not restraining Aise. She is welcome to get down at any moment, but instead, makes herself comfortable by leaning up against him. This illustrates the versatility of the Hedlund Husky; lap dogs one moment and driven and focused working dogs the next.

Paws Inn Resort and Training had their third annual Pet Expo yesterday. Points Unknown attended to market our adventures and canicross events and to provide impromptu pull training classes to passersby. For this event we had a booth inside! The rain poured down off and on, making any activities outdoors subject to the weather.

Aise and Illy continued their socialization training as they came to represent the Points Unknown sled dogs. What a day for these two now 6 month old pups! They met dogs and people of all kinds, received some calming essential oil treatment from a neighboring booth, watched and nearly participated in a disc dog presentation (Aise went bonkers for the disc activity), and met the resident chickens and donkey. Aise spent much of her time in a lap; Neil's lap, and had no desire to get down. Had Illy been interested in being a lap dog she could have taken a turn but declined and spent her time on the ground.

Upon our arrival back home, when the blue skies poked out from behind the dark clouds, you would have thought that those two pups would be ready for a long nap. Instead, they were raring to go when each dog group was let out to play and insisted on participating.

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