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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scatter Feeding

The pink and purple asters line the driveway and the Oake Lake shore. It's hard to believe that they will soon be covered with snow!

Sweet Pea, Phoenix and Zala have their own favorite eating spots.

When there isn't snow on the ground, we've found that scatter feeding works the best for our kennel and most dogs prefer it. By scattering their food, each dog takes their time eating one morsel at a time. This virtually eliminates the quick gobbling of food that can allow extra air in the dogs' stomachs which can contribute to stomach bloat. It also takes less time to feed, leaving more of our limited time available for playing with them.

What about those that guard their food and can be resource aggressive? We've got one of those active guarders in the kennel. We work with Zodiak individually on this behavior and White Feather, his main kennel mate, has learned to steer clear of him until it is obvious that he has fully abandoned any remaining morsels.

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