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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rebecca Arrives!

Wimzi welcomes Rebecca.

Rebecca came to visit the Points Unknown Kennel back in April to see if she would like to spend part of her "gap year" working at the kennel with the sled dogs and to see if we were all a good fit.

She did so well with the dogs and was so open to learning all she could about dog mushing that we invited her back. Rebecca arrived on Saturday and will be with us until the middle January. She'll get lots of training cart time with the dogs and hopefully several runs on snow and ice before she leaves.

In April, when Rebecca first visited, Wimzi was just a baby at 12 weeks old. Wimzi went completely bonkers when she saw Rebecca. She couldn't stop sniffing, jumping, wagging and licking. She is always friendly to new folks she meets but this was different. It appeared to be the ritual of welcoming a long lost friend.

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