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Friday, November 20, 2009

Puppy Fun Run at Nearly 5 Mos Old!

Topa ran in wheel next to Sweet Pea to begin. Sweet Pea is an excellent teacher and Topa fell straight in line while next to her.

White Feather - are you really sure we're ready for this? Zala is not the strict teacher that Sweet Pea is so White Feather began to goof around a bit, going under the line to give her kisses.

And we're off!

White Feather looks back to see what is chasing her.

She stopped "checking in" with Zala under the line and ran on her own side!

After some desired behavior, we praised from the cart then stopped to praise.

White Feather looks back but keeps the line tight. Now next to Sweet Pea, White Feather is given some strict guidelines as to her behavior while working.

Perfect! Looking straight ahead, down the trail and keeping a tight line!

Topa sits to rest after the first half mile of our mile long run.

Our leaders, Phoenix and Journey are exhausted after having to be such good examples for the puppies. This run was a short and successful one! Having been out Canicross Hiking many times prior to their first hook-up, they had some idea of what it meant to be hooked up to the line and they quickly adapted to all the running dogs around them, to being necklined and to being chased!

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