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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Puppy Canicross Hike

First hike with both pups on the same line. And off we go....oops, wrong way, Topa!

Alright, now it's White Feather testing her boundaries.

Wrong side of the trail but straight ahead. I'll take it!

It took them a while to figure out to work together instead of against each other on the line.

A much needed waterside break. White Feather is fascinated with the movement of the water. Oh, to be a puppy!

Good girls! Right side of the trail AND straight ahead! White Feather looks back but her line stays tight.

We see our seven juvenile Trumpeter Swan friends on the other side of the lake and they honk and swim towards us as we go by. (Saying to themselves, "what in the world was that?!")

Still on the right side of the trail. Now Topa looks back with a tight line.

Look at those happy girls! They see their friends ahead and are anxious to show them what they can do!

This impressed me. 4 month old pups within feet of their friends behind the fence and still they keep focused and pointed straight ahead. Awesome job girls!

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