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Friday, November 20, 2009

Phoenix Turns 4 Years Old

Phoenix leans into his harness in lead. He does have ears, however we rarely are able to capture them in the "up" position on film as this docile boy seems to always have them back when we come near with the camera!

Phoenix, a male Hedlund Husky, turned four years old last Wednesday! Time sure flies. I remember him flying to Colorado from Alaska at 9 weeks old, with his brother, Niwot, to friends who then drove them both out to Minnesota in March of 2006. He and Niwot were then the guests of honor at one of our Points Unknown Women's Winter Adventures.

Phoenix showed a strong desire to pull and lead at an early age and has done a super job for us ever since his first year in harness. Mild mannered Phoenix is excellent at socializing our puppies. He lays down to play so they don't feel intimidated. He is a gentle giant at between 70 and 75lbs.

Happy Birthday to Phoenix!

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