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Friday, November 6, 2009

Girl Scout Demonstrations

The girls get introduced to the dogs at a distance while we discuss how to properly approach the sled dogs and work with them.

This is what everybody likes the most; petting the dogs! This is White Feather's second event in her young 4 1/2 month old life and she's a natural crowd pleaser.

We hook the dogs up to the four wheeled cart and they stand calmly as we answer questions and talk about the logistics of dog mushing.

The girls then get a chance to harness the dogs. Then we ask them to try and pull the same cart the dogs pulled earlier. We had an eight girl team here. They get to feel the resistance the dogs must pull against so they can appreciate the dogs' hard work.

Not only do they learn how hard the dogs need to pull but they also see how much fun it is for the dogs to work in a team.

Points Unknown offers a wide range of customized, hands on demonstrations and educational workshops. The dogs' favorites in the fall are the demonstrations we do for the Girl Scouts at our local Three Rivers Park District.

We can customize just about any hands-on experience you would like. Just let us know your interest and if it fits our mission, the dogs would love to make it happen!

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