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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tuloon; Pregnancy Update

The "helicopter head" tells the story. "This is such an inconvenient time for a photo shoot!"

"I can't see you so you aren't there."

"Alright, I'll just submit and maybe you'll go away with that thing."

"Maybe if I pretend I'm asleep...."

"I can't believe I'm being put through all of this!"

"Whew, I think she's done. I wonder who saw all of that."

We are fairly certain that the breeding between McKenzie and Tuloon was successful based upon the recent loss of a slender and well defined physique on Tuloon's part. Tuloon was bred three days in a row beginning on April 26th. If we stick to the 63 day rule, this means she should whelp on or around June 28th so she is about 5 weeks into it and 4 weeks away from her first whelping date.

Tuloon is the queen of the kennel and beginning to act more and more the part with the changing of her hormones. Although she now resides entirely in the house, she does go out to socialize with the others daily to remain up to date on the goings-on in the kennel. Making sure to closely monitor the group so that no one gets overly assertive in their play, Tuloon barrels in, putting an immediate stop to the activity. Some think she's just a party pooper these days, so to make it fair to the others, after a fair amount of socialization, she heads back into the house.

She also is losing her patience with my photo shoots, making it very apparent by her expressions.

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