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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time Passes So Quickly!

Another amazing sunrise over Oake Lake

New life begins just outside the porch door

Haven't found that pot of gold yet

As the storm moves east

Wild violets

Tuloon investigates the Bleeding Heart plant

One of the few remaining mini Iris blooms


The end of the Magnolia bloom

I feel as though I stepped on a moving train the minute we returned with the dogs from our northwoods winter adventures. Time is just zooming by. Just yesterday I noticed that the Canadian Geese have little yellow fuzzy chicks already. The mini Iris are almost done blooming as are the Magnolia bush flowers. Last year, it seems I caught all of these things well before they happened and waited in anticipation of them.

The real estate appraisal market is booming with the lower interest rates which is good for me and the dogs as it will keep us all afloat until next winter. In addition, the beeswax candle business is in the growth stage and that is demanding of my time. This is an exciting time for us here on Oake Lake as we forge forward with the blossoming of a new business and prepare for the new path Points Unknown will be taking next winter.

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