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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dog Fun and Musher Work

Wood privacy fence complete!

Ilu and Icoa peeking in through the kitchen window and they're all smiles!

Isis waits for a drink after play time

Zodiak loves to climb up and on just about anything. Here, he can visit nose to nose with the little house dogs through the window.

McKenzie sniffs his way around the back yard.

Crazy "air dog" Oken!

Sweet Zala with her huge fluffy tail

Tuloon supervises the play

They are becoming all too familiar with my photo taking. This, after I just had said, "now everyone stay still for this photo".

More fun and games

The dogs spent another sunny spring day running and playing in the yard while I tended to some dog yard chores. Tukisi and Isis are becoming more grumpy in their older age and this musher became tired of their grumpiness affected others in the dog yard. A wood privacy fence had to be installed between their kennel and the adjoining kennel so they didn't need to worry about guarding their bones from others on the opposing side and they could get the privacy that they apparently needed because ever since the fence went up, the grumpiness has been minimal. Thank goodness for that!

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