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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Journey Turns 2 Years Old Today!

Journey at 2 years old.

Journey, a female Hedlund Husky, turns 2 years old today! She has found her place in the Points Unknown pack at the very bottom, however this doesn't translate to her place in the team. Journey is a phenomenal young leader! Showing great promise as a 10 month old pup doing some open country leading during her first winter, she exceeded our expectations this past season and ran lead much of the season.

Journey is very attentive, sweet and sensitive which are common traits of a Hedlund Husky. Showing consistent signs of aggression to dogs outside of the Points Unknown kennel and extreme hyper sensitivity to people she doesn't know, which are not common traits within the line, she was spayed this spring.

I'm sure Journey will continue to amaze us with her leader abilities as she matures. Until Fall training begins, she spends her days with per pals running and playing freely in our back yard enclosures. Agility class is also in her summer plans. This will not only build her confidence for encountering obstacles on the trail but will also introduce her to dogs she doesn't know in hopes of improving her tolerance.

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