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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Clean Up

Neil next to some of his handiwork

New pen right out the back door

Zala left and Tuloon right, making use of the new pen

Second new pen used as a double entry for the main kennel

Nicely raked yard

Since my dog sledding accident nearly three weeks ago, I haven't been very mobile. I've relied on Neil to do just about everything necessary to properly take care of the 14 sled dogs and he's done a super job! In the past week I have been able to limp along on flat surfaces and just graduated to walking gingerly on uneven surfaces two days ago. With the arrival of spring comes a multitude of other jobs in addition to the basic dog care and my ability to walk came at an opportune time. I wasn't able to complete these items myself but I was able to lend a hand which felt much better than sitting on the couch looking out the window wishing I was there. The credit for tasks completed needs to be given to Neil as he went above and beyond "the call of duty" prior to his departure back to the UK last evening.

Where to begin! In just 5 days the following was accomplished:

Installation of two new dog pens. This was necessary due to the growth of the kennel and came at the perfect time because both Tuloon and Zala went in heat at the same time and are taking advantage of this space away from the main kennel. Since one of the pens is right outside the back door to the house, it will make it easier to care for dogs recovering from surgery or an injury and it won't be so disruptive to the main kennel when there are unsupervised pups left inside for the afternoon after a morning of supervised free running in the backyard.

Removal of straw from the dog houses and around the kennel. It is spring so the dogs no longer need this insulation. If it remains in the kennel it will soak up moisture and hold odors and just be plain unsanitary so it needed to go.

Raking of leaves in the yard. This is a job that doesn't always get done due to the lack of time, however it is a good thing to do. It helps promote the growth of the grass that will soon be trampled on by packs of sled dogs which is better than having the area mulched with leaves which then kills the grass and leaves those packs of sled dogs running in mud. (Which then translates to mud in the house)

Washing of windows and the cleaning of screens. The cottonwood trees disperse their cotton-like seeds that catch on the screens making it difficult to see through the windows and out to the amazing view we have here at Oake Lake. Those poor screens haven't seen a cleaning in quite some time and I won't even mention the state of the windows prior to this week's cleaning spree. Copper, one of the little house dog mascots, deserves to be able to sit on the back of the sofa and patrol his area without an obstructed view.

Numerous other miscellaneous items. Light bulbs, cobwebs, poop pick up in the back yard, etc. It all needed to be done!

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