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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dog Family Visit





Q left and Bazil right

Recently we visited a nearby kennel where some of our dog family lives. Jesse, now almost 11 years old, is Klaus and Sweet Pea's mother. She is a 55lb female Alaskan Husky originally bred by a Beargrease Marathon racing kennel. Klaus' resemblance to her is notable. Bazil, full brother to Klaus and Sweet Pea and son of Jesse and our Zulu, is the sire of the 2007 Tuloon litter so he is the father to our Oken, Zala and Zodiak. Blue is a full sister to our Klaus and Sweet Pea as is Zimbi and they are both Jesse and Zulu kids. "Q" is Bazil and Tuloon's son and brother to our Oken, Zala and Zodiak. He is also the grandson to Jesse and our Zulu. (Yikes! Did you follow all of that?)

Click here if you would like to visit the web page that includes all of the Points Unknown dogs.

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