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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Planned Tuloon/McKenzie Breeding!

Tuloon is a 50lb female Hedlund Husky with a dense coat, excellent structure, even temperament and outstanding leader qualities.

McKenzie is a 70lb male Hedlund Husky with an extremely dense coat, rangy build, outstanding work ethic, leader potential and laid back personality.

At Points Unknown, we LOVE puppies! At the same time, we have a very aggressive spay and neuter program. We only keep dogs intact that have rare lines, the most well rounded temperaments, sound structures and the very best work ethic and abilities. We are not in the business of selling puppies and will only have litters when we have spots to fill in our teams or when other affiliated kennels need puppies. Then, we seek to only recoup our expenses or trade for new bloodlines.

We are so excited to announce the planned 2009 litter between Tuloon and McKenzie, both deep Hedlund Husky line Alaskan Huskies! Tuloon has proven to be a thoughtful open country leader and has produced one exceptional litter already. She is the mother to our Oken, Zala and Zodiak and their three exceptional littermates who have all shown strong abilities as sled dogs and leaders during our recent winter season. This will be Tuloon's last litter.

McKenzie joined us in April of 2007. This past winter was his first working season with Points Unknown and he has proven to have an exceptional work ethic. Wanting him to settled in this first season and not wishing to add additional stress, we haven't placed him up in lead and won't do so until next season. He was training to be a leader at Mush Knik Networking in Knik, Alaska prior to his arrival and we've been told he was making great progress. McKenzie is a mild mannered gentleman of a dog that gets along with everyone in the kennel. McKenzie is the sire to Journey, one of our young leaders, and her four exceptional litter mates.

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