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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Return to Watertown

The beginnings of this morning's sunrise over Oake Lake

The dog sledding season officially ended on March 22nd with our last client runs. Several days of 50 degree weather did a number on the trails and they were no longer safe to travel with clients. We spent our remaining time at Gunflint Lodge offering our Open Dog Yard events where folks come and meet the dogs and learn about what we do. We also provided dog sledding slide shows.

As we began to pack up on March 30th to take the dogs home to Watertown in central Minnesota, we were hit by a snow storm, of course. Liz packed up and headed out in the middle of it all, wanting to get a jump on her several day trip back to Oregon. We waited until April 1st to load the dogs and head home, just as the plow trucks were passing through. In all, I believe we got a good 12 inches of snow from this storm.

We arrived home late on April 1st to spring. The ice went out on Oake Lake on April 3rd which is at least a week before its disappearance last year. It took us a good two days to unload the trucks. The cube van needed to be empty for our long one day trip back up the Gunflint Trail to retrieve some final gear the following Saturday.

We're all glad to be back. The dogs seem happy to be in their kennels again, able to play freely with their kennel mates. We're looking forward to planning the next winter season adventures with the dogs and there are a lot of new opportunities in store for both us and our guests next winter!

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