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Monday, July 21, 2008

Northern Minnesota Visits

Gunflint Lodge in the summer.

How strange to see boats on the water that was previously covered with ice!

A visit with Gus, Ilu's litter mate.

Pretty Face, Isis' litter mate.

Wapusk, Isis' litter mate.


An actual bear at the International Bear Center.

International Wolf Center

International Wolf Center

One of the two wolf pups to be introduced to the pack.

It's rare that we spend much time in northern Minnesota this time of year. Why? Well, there's just no snow and not to mention those darned mosquitoes! However, it was thought important to check on the dog yard at Gunflint Lodge in the Grand Marais, MN area and make some notes for the next mushing season. A separate trip a couple weeks later to the Ely, MN area was made to purchase some winter gear, hoping for considerable discounts at this time of year and to check in on one of the Points Unknown pups from Icoa's 2005 litter that makes his home at Wintergreen Kennel. Gus went to Wintergreen kennel as an 8 week old pup and we were told that he has been a client favorite. This apparently runs in the family. How nice this was to hear!

During this trip we also found ourselves visiting the Voyager Outward Bound School dog yard to look in on a few other Inuit Dogs that began their lives with us. Pretty Face and Wapusk are Isis' litter mates and have been working with clients at the school for the past several years. They are now retired and up for adoption at the age of 10 years old. If there is any interest among the readers, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate folks at Outward Bound.

It was quite a surprise to see one of Amaruq's(passed away unexpectedly in fall of 2007 from a reaction to anesthetic) litter mates at the school that had apparently just returned from his work in the Arctic a week previous. Bear has been on numerous arctic expeditions over the past 6+ years of his life, including at least one trip to the North Pole, and has now come back to be with the Outward Bound School to continue his work with their clients and recover from and be medicated for his just diagnosed thyroid problem. This condition continues to pop up in the Inuit Dog which is quite a concern. Thankfully, there has been no evidence of this issue in Ilu and Icoa's lineage to date. We are also thankful that Bear will live a long and happy life and be able to work again for the Outward Bound School once the medication takes hold.

While in the Ely area we also took the time to visit the North American Bear Center and the International Wolf Center. These two places are a "must-see" if in the Ely, MN area. This year at the International Wolf Center, they are introducing two gray wolf pups to the existing pack.

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