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Monday, July 21, 2008

Catching Up!

Melanie, weekend kennel helper, shovels kennel gravel.

Journey loses her luxurious thick coat all over the yard.

Neil, our visitor from the UK and his first attempts at brushing Ilu while Icoa tries to help subdue him. (Or is she making it worse?!)

Further attempts prove sucessful.

The summer is flying by! There has been little time in the past month for updates so now they all come at once.

It's the season for brushing the dogs to help remove their heavy undercoats. Most dogs have now fully shed while Tuki, Isis, Klaus and Zulu still sport their full winter best. Poor dogs. The heat and humidity have been nearly unbearable for the humans. How must it be for the dogs? Thankfully, their winter coats also help insulate them from the heat, however they are much warmer than their kennel mates now wearing their summer attire.

Another necessary kennel job is the moving of the gravel and sand within each kennel to fill holes dug around the perimeter, making it more difficult for dogs such as Zala the escape artist, to do just that! Twice, this little magician has dug the smallest of holes between the fence bottom rail and the dig-out wire to spring herself free from the kennel for a half day. Thankfully, there is a double fence system in the yard and she had gone no further, happy just to play with things she could see looking out from her kennel that were apparently just too tempting. The extent of her "playfulness" was not known until turning on the hose to find it now functioned as a sprinkler. To make certain the holes were fixed in the kennel, cement silo blocks were put in place between the gaps before the gravel/sand mix was put on top.

Its obvious now that Zala needs a lot more stimulation than she was getting while in with the older dogs while being in heat. Now that her heat has passed, she has been placed in a kennel with her brothers and Journey who give her more than enough(maybe sometimes too much!) action to keep her on her toes!

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