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Monday, July 21, 2008

Canicross Hikes 2008 - July, Minnewashta

Zodiak left and Oken right

Up the hill...

Through the prairie...

Jen with her rescued Siberian, Echo. Echo's first Canicross hike!

Coming down the road to the lake for a dip.

Break time

Zala showing Neil the "ropes" on the trail.

Zala left and Oken right.


In early July, two Canicross Hikes were held. Our visitor, Neil from the UK, had his introduction to Canicross early on the fourth of July when Zala showed him how it all works. Zala and Oken came along for the hike and due to the holiday, there were many training distractions; picnics, running and screaming children, crowds of people and more. Zala, being a three month veteran at the sport, showed her focus by calmly moving on-by just about every distraction, while Oken, being a first timer, didn't quite understand the point of it all and why so many people about and what's over there....and there...... and there?? Neil, being a natural with dogs of all kinds, quickly picked up the skills and seemed to enjoy his time on the trail with Zala.

On July 12th, our Canicross Hike Club met at Minnewashta Regional Park. We met quite early, hoping to avoid the heat and humidity of the day. Temps were in the mid 70s with a nice breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. Our core group of northern breed dogs and their owners were present as well as Marilyn with her "German" (Shepherd) sled dog, Conan. The Points Unknown dogs present were the Tuloon/Bazil 9 1/2 month of boys, Zodiak and Oken. This was Zodi's 2nd hike and he was spot on when it came to pulling and doing his job. Oken, having a group of other dogs to set the standard, picked things up quickly and soon was not the least bit distracted and seemed to delight in his ability to pull and pull hard as he launched his human team member into the air on numerous occasions when asked to "tighten up". That human team member would be me. Thank goodness for the bungee in the canicross line.

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