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Friday, July 4, 2008

Ilu Turned 3 on June 28th!

Ilu, 13 days old

2005 - 3 week old in 90 degree weather!

Ilu, 3 months old

Ilu, 3 months old. He's still a water dog!

7 months old, on a short fun run next to Zulu

Quite a handsome boy at 7 months old.

Ilu at 9 months old - his goofy dog pose

16 months old, up in lead with Klaus

20 months old. Ilu's first Boundary Waters trip.

Winter 2008 - 2 1/2 years old out on Gunflint Lake.

2 1/2 - Ilu doing what he loves most, besides pulling a sled!

Ilu, a Canadian Inuit Dog, turned 3 years old last Saturday. He and his 5 littermates were born at Points Unknown in 2005. Ilu's soft, friendly brown eyes and mild and eager-to-please personality were apparent from a very young age and made him the choice pup to remain here at Points Unknown.

Ilu was tested at lead position at 10 months old and seemed a natural. Since then he has done the majority of his work in wheel position where he is needed most. He and mom, Icoa, make the perfect comedy team for our clients viewing pleasure in that position, closest to the sled.

Being quite mild for an Inuit Dog, he can run any position next to any other dog without issue. He would much rather be snuggling with or have his feet perched on the shoulders of a dog yard guest, looking deeply into their eyes, than take part in the dog yard politics.

Ilu is a wonderful asset the the team and the entire "family" pack.

Happy Birthday, Ilu!

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