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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DNR BOW Winter Event

Deep Portage Environmental Learning Center

Handlers Hailey and Melanie posing with Klaus

Hailey lounging with Zodi

Melanie with Tuki and Isis

The dogs were staked out on the dock

The dog "camp" for the event

Little Deep Portage Lake

The classroom dogs for the morning.
L to R Oken, Phoenix, Klaus and Sweet Pea

Oken, just 5 months old, patiently lets a participant harness him

Sweet Pea's turn

Handler Marilyn with a participant as we teach sled handling and safety

Another lesson on the way down to the lake

Harnessing before each run

Journey finds a friend

Tuloon relaxing after her run

Zodiak kisses

Ilu is the biggest ham

Klaus and Tuloon leading a participant around the lake

Sweet Pea and Zulu get a turn too

The Department of Natural Resources, Becoming and Outdoors Women (DNR BOW) Winter event was held at Deep Portage Environmental Learning Center from Friday, February 29th to Sunday, March 2nd. There were 56 women in attendance that participated in such activities as ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, target shooting and dog sledding. Points Unknown was there teaching the dog mushing course that provided a small taste of this wonderful lifestyle and activity.

The dogs were picketed out on a small lake where dog handlers Hailey and Melanie also set up camp. They slept out both nights with the dogs to make sure everyone was safe and sound and took exceptional care of them while assistant Marilyn and I taught the classroom portion of the class.

Two classes of twelve women each learned how to harness the dogs, how to handle a small toboggan sled and then how to hook up and run a team of two freight style traditional sled dogs around a small lake as the others stood by for support and assistance. Since this is a three hour course, it is set up to provide only a small glimpse into dog mushing. Those interested in gaining more dog mushing skills and digging deeper into dog mushing are then invited to attend a Beyond BOW event, one of which is the Points Unknown Women’s Winter Adventure (PUWWA) where four days are spent learning the finer points of this sport and then applying them.

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