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Monday, December 24, 2007

Puppies and Kids

Meeting dogs and learning to harness

Klaus makes a great demo dog

Zodiak greeting a young client

Oken isn't quite sure what to think of being in the air but talk about a happy customer!

Zodiak putting on the charm

Temps were down around 10 degrees F today which was a nice change from the upper 20s and 30s of a couple days ago. All together, I think we only received about 5 inches of snow in our "winter storm warning" of upwards of 14 inches expected. Geez. Oh well. We'll make due.

Three of our clients today were kids. What fun. I believe the youngest was 9 years old with the oldest around 14. All three got to drive their own 2 dog team around a short loop, assisted by Helen on the steep down hill portion(she rode on the sled with them) with my assistance of the remainder. My assistance involved a lot of running from point to point. Helen, however, does get the award for the most running today. After each downhill assist, she then ran to the other end of the loop to offer assistance then she had to walk all the way back up the hill - 3 times - to meet the new young mushers and help them make the proper trail back.

The puppies, of course, are a big hit. Everybody wants to see the puppies. There is no lacking for socialization for this bunch of pups and they just eat it up.

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